Building multilingual websites

In 1995 when the Internet was introduced to the world there were only a few hundred sites on the Internet. The majority of them were adult, gaming and “get rich quick” sites.

Everyone wanted a “.com” address and the race to dominate the Internet was on! Many .com companies failed; not because they had an inferior product, but because as with anything new, there is a learning curve.

Most small and mid size businesses did not grasp the concept of the Internet. They had no idea what SEO (search engine optimization) was and moreover they did not realize that their product or service was being advertised to a worldwide marketplace. Some businesses still do not understand that concept to this day.

The companies who are winning on the Internet today are the ones who understand that they are competing on a global scale in a global marketplace.

In order to effectively complete in such an arena one must be able to communicate in that arena.

Keeping this concept in mind CBJA International was one of the first web site development studios to offer multi – lingual web sites.

In the beginning CBJA International only translated web sites into one language; that language was Chinese. As the Internet grew from an infant to its adult stage today, CBJA International has the ability to not only translate web sites into more than 52 different languages, we are able to create them in more than 52 different languages.

We have the capability to translate foreign languages into other foreign languages and still maintain the correct syntax, grammar, dialect, punctuation and meaning.

In today’s fast paced Internet marketplace it is mandatory that you be able to communicate effectively, otherwise you will lose the demographic that you fought so hard to attract.

It is for this very reason that CBJA International offers Text Translation and Configuration. Take advantage of this unique service. If you don’t, your competition will.